Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jump start to revisions

Okay, I decided that it was high time that I did something to get involved again! I have been thinking about taking another class on writing, there is one that starts on the 28th, but haven't made my mind up.

I have been completely stagnant when it comes to revisions on The Crichton Heir (TCH). The first dozen or so chapters were so horribly written, that I cringe when I think about revising them. I have however been busy plotting book 2.

I have also made the decision to rename one of my minor characters from TCH. I was gonna kill the poor guy off (I know Mel, you can't go killing everybody off....that much I did actually pay attention to!), but now he is screaming to have his own book, so hence the name change.

I needed a strong hero type with a sexier name (i.e. Duncan McCue....God I love that character, can't wait til I start book 3 about him!) The original name was Frederick, but I never really warmed to that name. I can't see myself (or anyone for that matter), screaming "Oh Frederick, take me Frederick!". I can however see, picture, and hear someone screaming "Oh Sloane, take me now Sloane!". Not that I actually have lines quite that cheesy, but I do hope you get the drift here. Sexy man, needs a sexy name! Laird Sloane Sinclair sounds absolutely divine to me....I know if he had a kilt on, along with that name, I could actually overlook a few physical flaws, although we all know in romance, we get to pretend that the men are all perfect and well-endowed, and the women don't have fat thighs or saggy boobage!

Okay, I feel better now, so I will try and update here regularly, not because I expect great masses to read this, but at least I can chart my own progress, as I make it!



Mel Odom said...

Start small and go with it. And you gotta finish the book in order to get to the next step.

Skeeter said...

Can't wait to read your revisions. Please balance your impatience with the first few chapters against the quality of last several. They're good dear. Will be looking forward to seeing you in class :-)