Friday, August 29, 2008

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

The biggest lesson that I have learned from Authoress's latest contest is this:

That was a big one. I had what I considered a really good scene, but when you submit 250 words, it only shows an itty bitty part of that scene. So what did I do? Try and squeeze as much as I could into 250 words, editing down until I completely messed up the flow of the story. STUPID! Note to self...don't do that again!

Since I have now stopped banging my head on the desk, I will also add that I learned more from the contest, as I usually do. You can really tell the difference between people who crit your work by what they read and/or write.

The comments from those unfamiliar with Historical Romance really made some false assumptions based on a "preconceived notion" that characters and plots were all the same. They aren't...just like with any other genre, they vary according to the writer. I had one comment that stated:
"Why is it that half of the historical fiction out there focuses on a girl behaving unseemly? The men are wealthy, rakish, and handsome and all the girls just dying to kick their knickers off."

Now, while I appreciate the time this writer spent to read and give me feedback, it's hard for me to understand how he/she could make that assumption. If a girl crawling around a garden, at her OWN home, trying to repair damage that she inadvertently caused by a practical joke gone awry, means that she is "dying to kick off her knickers", I missed something. Of course the men are handsome and's a romance novel! Wealthy? Not my guy...another wrong assumption. They shouldn't be PERFECT!

I don't want to appear ungrateful, because I love feedback, even when I don't agree with it. It makes me look at the writing to see how that assumption could be made if it's inaccurate. On the same token, I'm not going to sweat it if a few people don't "get it" or flat out don't like the work. ***Not everyone will think I am the creative genius that I claim to be!

So back to revisions again! Another benefit from these contests...MOTIVATION!

***If you didn't receive the email, newspaper clipping, or see the billboard by the highway...SORRY! I will tell you now...I am freaking brilliant! (j/k)

:) Terri

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Hook The Agent Contest!

Over at Authoress's blog, she has another agent that has volunteered to judge her "Hook the Agent" contest. I LOVE these contests, not because I think I'll win, but because of all the GREAT feedback you get.

The last contest was quite an eye-opener. Who knew cliches were so BAD? Uh, I guess every writer EXCEPT me! That is pretty darn good info to have, if you are pursuing writing as seriously as I am, heck, even if you write for fun I suppose that's good to know.

This time around, I used the first page (revised, edited and edited again, of course) of chapter one, instead of the prologue. Now any of my regular "blogger friends" will know immediately which post is mine (hint: I was REALLY anxious and sent that puppy in FAST...they are numbered in the order she received them), as it will have the title (which I have mentioned more times than I can count on my blog) and also that it is a Historical Romance.

The submissions will be posted tomorrow (Wednesday), and if you guys want to stop by, there are some really great writers that submit (only 25 this time), and they all LOVE these things as much as I do!

:) Terri

Sunday, August 24, 2008

An Award!

Skeeter ( gave me an award!

Cool, huh?

Here are the rules:

1. The winner can put the logo on their blog

2. Link the person you received your award from

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs you’ve nominated.

So, my seven nominees are (in no particular order):

1. Monkey Toe Momma - Corrine cracks me up. She and her family are GORGEOUS! She always has some minor drama (i.e. chocolate milk keyboards, cell phones in water).

2. Mrs.4444 - If you haven't ever been to Mrs. 4444's blog, you don't know what you're missing! She is Wisconsin's answer to Martha Stewart with a personality (and her Mom is such a gem).

3.Literal Dan - One-Eyed Dan is a heck of an intellectual stay-at-home Dad. It's so great to see a MAN have to suffer through toddlers!

4. Authoress - This is one of my favorite sites. Authoress is a writer who has created such a positive community for other writers. I won't be offended if she doesn't post this award, but I felt she deserved it regardless.

5. Wifey - Can I have your autograph? Smart, funny and really hot for a mom (I mean that in a totally non-lesbian way).

6. Christy - What can I say? Christy is a super-blogger! She has a gift, and I can't wait to see her get busy on a manuscript.

7. Scott Eagan - Once again, I don't expect this award to ever see the pages of his blog. That being said, Scott Eagan takes his time (like so many other's in the publishing arena) to give writers advice. Thanks for all the great info!

Friday, August 22, 2008

10 Random Things Meme

Okay, I may complain, but at least when I get tagged with a meme, it makes me feel obligated to actually post. I look at it as an exercise in writing.

I was tagged by Monkey Toe Momma .

The Rules Are:

"Tell us/me/the world 10 interesting/random/quirky/normal/silly things about yourself … things you’re looking forward to, things about you personally, whatever you want."

1. I am completely ADD...I'll throw random thoughts at you faster than you can catch them.

2. I hyper-focus when I read a good book, and will rarely put it down until I finish it (not good on the eyes).

3. My calendar looks like a scratch pad. I have something written on almost EVERY day, and it's ALL kids/school crap (Even the weekend).

4. I am an obsessive blog READER, not so much in the way of posting, but I do comment on other's blogs I get points for that?

5. This is the first time in 14 years that I have not had ANY kids home the entire day (I know I posted this before, but I'm just so danged excited about it)!

6. Talk with a Scottish burr, and I am putty...putty I say (my husband refuses to even try, although I did win a bet and make him wear a kilt for a week...wooohooo 6'5" of leggy man)!

7. My mom is my best friend. I do have other friends, but my mom wins for longevity, she's put up with me longer than my other friends.

8. I never want to be rich and famous. I just want to be a published author and have people actually read my work, and enjoy it (okay,I'll admit that I want to be asked to autograph my book too).

9. I never went to college, well, I never graduated, there was that ONE semester. I think that's why I am so adamant that my own children go. It is a priority...BIG one.

10. I am very laid back. Not much bothers me. I am usually not prone to emotional outbursts and rarely cry (unless it's a sad movie, then bring Kleenex!).

Okay, I'm supposed to tag other people, but I figure if you wanna do the meme, than by all means do it, if not that's okay too.

:) Terri

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Okay, so I just wanted to sound like a pirate for a moment. I actually read a book about pirates that stated they NEVER said "argh" (for research three was to be about a pirate, but I made him a whiskey smuggler instead). Another Hollywood misconception (kinda like the fact that William Wallace wore a kilt...NOT).

Speaking of misconceptions, how many people out there tend to judge others without even realizing it? Maybe you base it on the clothes someone wears, the car they drive, the job they do, the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, sexual preference?

I know that I have been guilty of judging others, although I try to be open-minded, I try to be a kind person, I try to understand my fellow man...that is until I get behind the wheel of my car!

Good God...I turn into a raving lunatic when I drive. I say mean, horrible, nasty things to perfectly innocent strangers (at least I keep my windows up and never use hand gestures).

How many of you out there have said, while driving, "Am I the ONLY person who actually knows how to drive on the road today?"...How about the fact that it never fails, you get behind the slowest driver in a three state area (yes, I'm counting Texas, so for you Yankees, make that about fifteen states)?

Oh crap...I just called some of my fellow Americans Yankees...If you live in the south, it would be insulting to be referred to as a Yankee, hope you guys are all okay with that, I truly use it as a geographical descriptive term, not some non-pc geographical slur (and if you happen to be a literary agent from New York, I REALLY LOVE YANKEES...not the team of course, the people).

Aaaargh matey, I think I'll just go back to talking like a fictional pirate.

BTW, this is NOT the book I read for research, although I will admit to reading this particular, uh, work of fiction. I couldn't help it, I'm weak, what can I say (I highly recommend it, but only as a coffee table book...not so much for the content as much as the cover)!

:) Terri

On a side note, I finished a 5000 word short story and sent it in for a contest. I won't be posting it here's a bit too NC-17 for my blog since my Mom pops in and reads it every once in a while!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I am a HORRIBLE Blogger!

I know that I have been sorely lacking in any decent blogger posts, but I honestly had very little to say.....uh, let me rephrase that. I had very little that I felt "blog-worthy" to say.

I finally decided that I would just ramble on a bit, as I tend to in "real life".

I started writing another book. It's not the second book in my series. It's actually a satire (think Dave Berry or Erma Bombeck). I have it outlined and well into 3 chapters.

I also have a few short stories that I am working on for various contests/publications.

My second Gede story was published and came out this month, although that didn't hold near the excitement for me as the first one did.

School has started and I have most of the day to myself. IT IS FABULOUS!

I still have a TON of revisions to do on The Crichton Heir.

I still have in no way, shape or form perfected a query letter, much less a synopsis.

I research agents and read their blogs gleaming any tid bit of info that I can.

***Every once in a while, I post something that is understandable.

:) Terri

***The last post was a Lazy Bloggers Post Creator...I really didn't write it. I had a friend comment that she didn't understand anything I had written. I suppose I didn't make it clear enough that I was merely playing around!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

School started today...I'm FREE!!!

Even though it is my first free day, I used to create this's should all go check it out!

Holy Snapping Duck Do! I just got slapped with a wet salmon - really - I have not updated this since people stopped clapping and Tinkerbell died... You would not believe the fairy dust I have to clean up. Truly!

I am lost in a sea of pseudo-olde-english with an awfully big adventure, driving from one end of the city to the other, just generally being of great concern to society in general, my day is a nightmare I would like to wake up from the second I am woken by murderous Teletubbies to I am begging my kid to go to sleep or so help me God that kid will be decorating my wall, 'Duct tape still life'. I am putting money aside so I can run away. I wish you could be here to share it.

I swear on the bones of my ancestors I will update you with my nefarious activities as soon as I get a chance. Seriously! Don't hold your breath though, you're likely to turn blue..