Monday, August 18, 2008

I am a HORRIBLE Blogger!

I know that I have been sorely lacking in any decent blogger posts, but I honestly had very little to say.....uh, let me rephrase that. I had very little that I felt "blog-worthy" to say.

I finally decided that I would just ramble on a bit, as I tend to in "real life".

I started writing another book. It's not the second book in my series. It's actually a satire (think Dave Berry or Erma Bombeck). I have it outlined and well into 3 chapters.

I also have a few short stories that I am working on for various contests/publications.

My second Gede story was published and came out this month, although that didn't hold near the excitement for me as the first one did.

School has started and I have most of the day to myself. IT IS FABULOUS!

I still have a TON of revisions to do on The Crichton Heir.

I still have in no way, shape or form perfected a query letter, much less a synopsis.

I research agents and read their blogs gleaming any tid bit of info that I can.

***Every once in a while, I post something that is understandable.

:) Terri

***The last post was a Lazy Bloggers Post Creator...I really didn't write it. I had a friend comment that she didn't understand anything I had written. I suppose I didn't make it clear enough that I was merely playing around!


Christy said...

Hey you! I'm back from vacay and boy, did I miss the internet! I have a ton of crap to do today (and have done a ton already.) Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have some semblance of sanity! Glad to hear that your kids are back to school & you have some "free" time! Mine go back next Tuesday--I'm counting the days...

Monkey Toe Momma said...

OMG! Thank God! I didn't understand a word of your last post either and I thought I was losing it. Or you were. Whichever. Glad to hear that you're not going mad, lol. Congrats on the books! So, where can I buy them?:)

TerriRainer said...

Geez, I'm glad I clarified about that last post!

As for books, I've had two short stories (the Gede stories I've posted here) published in a new magazine, Love Unlimited. The books are altogether another matter. I NEED AN AGENT! That being said, one of these days I'll actually start sending out query letters to get one!

Until then, I just keep plugging along. Believe me, when I get an agent and get one of my books published, I will post it (look for a post all in CAPS with lots of exclamation points).

Short stories are kinda like baby like them, but when they are weaned(published), it's not so hard to say bye to them.

Books are more like tend to be overly protective, and fall in love with not only the story, but characters as well. I think I will have one of those rare melt-down moments when I get published, complete with tears and chocolate (think graduation or child getting married moment!

:) Terri

Skeeter said...

I understand perfectly. First day of school used to be freedom day around here too. Then our son graduated from High School and went off to the University. Now, we're back to it in another week or so. Freedom!

Best wishes,

Mary Duncan said...

Huh, was I the only one who seemed to catch the grasp of your last blog? Wonder what that says about me?

Another book started ... probably best to keep that ADD occupied with so many things at the same time, right?

Now that you're a published author, the thrill is gone already? The second Gede story should still be exciting to see in print. Tell me you at least felt a sense of accomplishment over it.

Have fun with the revisions, and writing the synopsis. I despise that part of the business most of all.


TerriRainer said...

Well, since the Gede story is a short, and not my NOVEL...not as thrilling. I am seriously considering writing the FULL story, either novella length, or larger. I suppose I would have to plot the damn thing though! The shorts have a tiny conflict and then resolution, but I know where I would go with it, just need to tighten it up before I go and start trying to write the whole damn thing.

Query letters are actually the bane of my existance...for now!

:) Terri

Skeeter said...

yes, thsoe query letters are tough ... but keep crankin' 'em out!

Best wishes,


Mrs4444 said...

Glad to hear you have been busy writing, whatever the content! Good to see you :)

LiteralDan said...

Hey, a little of your trademarked rambling is all we ask now and then, am I right? :-)