Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Hook The Agent Contest!

Over at Authoress's blog http://misssnarksfirstvictim.blogspot.com/, she has another agent that has volunteered to judge her "Hook the Agent" contest. I LOVE these contests, not because I think I'll win, but because of all the GREAT feedback you get.

The last contest was quite an eye-opener. Who knew cliches were so BAD? Uh, I guess every writer EXCEPT me! That is pretty darn good info to have, if you are pursuing writing as seriously as I am, heck, even if you write for fun I suppose that's good to know.

This time around, I used the first page (revised, edited and edited again, of course) of chapter one, instead of the prologue. Now any of my regular "blogger friends" will know immediately which post is mine (hint: I was REALLY anxious and sent that puppy in FAST...they are numbered in the order she received them), as it will have the title (which I have mentioned more times than I can count on my blog) and also that it is a Historical Romance.

The submissions will be posted tomorrow (Wednesday), and if you guys want to stop by, there are some really great writers that submit (only 25 this time), and they all LOVE these things as much as I do!

:) Terri


Mrs4444 said...

Good luck! I'll be rooting for you!

Christy said...

I'll go check it out! I'll have to put that site on my list of blogs. I'd like to enter it sometime too to get some feedback.

Sprizouse said...

These contests are tough and you shouldn't put too much stock in them. Nobody remembers the first page of ANY novel, not even the greatest of the great.

Writing 250-word openers for contests is not the same thing as writing a novel. Most people aren't "hooked" until at least 10-20 pages deep (5,000 words) or more, so if your first page is slow and leisurely and conveys nothing more than setting, your voice and style and time / location, who cares? That's perfectly acceptable.

TerriRainer said...

Thanks Mrs. 4444!

Christy, I love that site!

Sprizhouse...I actually tried to email you after the comment you made on my submission.

I have been banging my head on my desk all afternoon. I edited the damn first page down so much, that most of the issues that were brought up, wouldn't have been there had it been the first 500 (before edits) instead of the butchered version.

Just another thing that I have learned from these types of contests. Screw the word count...just let the work speak for itself.

I think many writers who entered did the same thing.

I'll chalk it up to lesson learned and move forward!

:) Terri

celticqueen said...

Hi! :) Saw your entry on the contest (mine was #10, Treasured Lies, I write historicals too) :) and then you were kind enough to come post on my blog so I thought I would come over and visit yours :) (I think I am showing up as celticqueen, but this is Michelle McLean) :D

I think I have to say, after reading through some posts and your bios, etc....I think we may have been separated at birth. :D Although I suppose most women drool over Gerard Butler :D I swear one of the reasons I married my husband is because he is a red-head with the last name of McLean, whose grandfather immigrated from Scotland (and as there is still family over there we have a good shot of going someday):D Diana Gabaldon is one of my all time faves (I am STILL in love with Jamie from the first time I read the book so many years ago...right before I met my husband actually) :)

Anyhow, just thought I would say hi, and thanks for the comment. I liked your entry on the contest by the way (if I am thinking of the right one. Yours was first right?) I thought it needed to be fleshed out a bit, but it sounds like the real version is :) Hooking anyone in 250 is hard. But your MC sounds like she's a fun, quirky character that I would enjoy spending a few hundred pages with :) And if there is a hunky Scot included, I'm sold no matter what! :D

Skeeter said...

Well, I just posted a note for you at the contest website. Hope that your edits are going well with the rest of the novel. Can't wait to see that baby in print!

Best wishes,