Sunday, July 27, 2008

Diana Gabaldon and Time Displacement

Look what I did yesterday! Not only did I get to meet my all-time favorite author, Diana Gabaldon, but I attended classes all day that she was either on the panel or taught! How great does she look? Ms. Gabaldon is almost 20 years my senior, but she looks better than I do! See what writing GREAT novels can do?

She is not only a gracious person, but humble and down to earth. The first class was an interview with her. At the end, questions were taken...that's when the weirdness began! This guy asked:

"Do you believe in time displacement?"***

Okay, if you know anything about this author, she is also a scientist. She replied to him about having written a paper for a scientific journal about it.

OMG! This guy raised his voiced and said:

"They've proven it! IT'S A FACT. Time displacement is real!!!!"***
He then went into a detailed description of the experiment and "proof".

Ms Gabaldon smiled and politely nodded, much like you would to a child telling about an imaginary friend, or the crazy person you see walking through a parking lot talking loudly to themselves. I'm not sure how she kept from rolling her eyes (I had my hand firmly locked over my mouth to prevent the snort from breaking free). This just goes to prove that this woman is a class act, and I feel privileged to have met her.

The time between classes, Lisa and I sat in the lobby and people watched. was interesting. A Sci-Fi conference certainly brings out the characters. All in all, it was a good time, and I am glad that I went!

*** The quote may not be EXACT, but close enough for you to get the picture.

:) Terri

Friday, July 25, 2008

Conestoga Convention and Sex

This time tomorrow, I will be in Tulsa, listening to Diana Gabldon lecture about writing sex scenes! Now this could come in handy, since I am seriously considering throwing my hat into the Erotica arena.

Hmmm, that sounded bad, didn't it? Let me clarify. There is a short story contest that I am entering. The publisher of the magazine I write for wants me to submit something. I have my Gede story, that I could write an ending for, but I also have a short story I wrote during my writing class. It was more of a "let's dare the old married lady to write about sex"...HELLOOOOOOOO, I have 5 ya think I'm clueless?

Needless to say, it made most who read it blush. Then there is the problem of the author's name to use...I am so not going to take credit for THAT! I mean, I would, but only a select few would know it was really ME that wrote it.

Okay, let's get back to Conestoga. It is going to be my first writer's convention. It is geared towards Sci-fi/Fantasy/Paranormal. My Gede stories certainly qualify me to attend without feeling like too much of an idiot. Although my first complete MS is Historical Romance (big difference), my only published work is fantasy/paranormal.

When I get back, I will have to post some pics and tell everybody how it went. I am getting psyched!

:) Terri

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cool Shirts and ADD...Random? I THINK NOT.

Okay, how many out there are totally ADD? I start one thing, and end up doing something completely random. I do have the ability to hyper-focus, which I sometimes do when I SHOULDN'T!

Case in point: While doing my daily blogging (on everybody else's blogs), I happened to click on the wrong link from my favorites list. It took me to Okay, if you've never been there, don't go unless you are a stronger person than I.

I consequently spent a few hours perusing shirts/mugs/caps, etc.

Some of them are now on my "must have" list. How great is that notebook?????

And check out the mouse pad...when you send out queries, I swear you check your bulk/spam box twenty times a day!
Now, as you can see, I wasn't just looking, noooooo, I was preplanning this blog. I was on a mission to share all these great finds with you, my blogger friends...(cough cough).
I know this sounds like it borders on child labor/abuse, but I would SO make my kids wear this shirt! I might even give 'em the quarter for wearing it!

Okay, so I wasn't quite expecting the snicker when I showed my husband this shirt! He could have just played along and agreed! But he did laugh at the next one I showed him...I guess THOSE benefits were more to his liking!

So there you have it. My research for the day, to bring you all this great stuff.
I am such a sharing person , aren't I?

:) Terri

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Won an Award

Okay, I first want to thank everybody that left me feedback over at Authoress's blog for the contest. Boy was that an eye-opener, but in a definitely great way! I learned that cliches are BAD (among other things)! I know that most people who write KNOW that, and yet I didn't...GO FIGURE!

I didn't win the contest, but I can say that I was VERY impressed with Anne Spollen (#21). SHE WAS GREAT! She did win, and I think it was well deserved. She is also a mom, wife AND writer. Congrats Anne! You are so talented, and YES, I did predict you would win.

Now on to my award. Christy over at gave me an award!

Now, anyone that visits Christy's blog will notice a SLIGHT difference in size of this award...OKAY! I admit it, I made the darn thing HUGE (feel free to save this one instead Christy)!

Here is the quote from Christy's site:
Terri at Terri Rainer Published Author; she inspires me to follow my dreams because she's living it--even though she's a wife and a mom.

Awwww, isn't that sweet? It makes me feel the need to step up a bit to live up to that one...gee, thanks Christy!

I suppose I should bestow this award also, but there is a bit of selfishness in me, so I am going to think on it for a bit before I do that!

:) Terri

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am in a contest!!!!

Okay, I sent my first page of The Crichton Heir in to Authoress's blog for a contest. It is being judged by "SECRET AGENT". Comments will be posted on each submission (There were 113 submissions). I am # 78, although the submissions are anonymous. The name of the contest is "ARE YOU HOOKED". When leaving comments, you start out with a YES or a NO (answering whether you are hooked, cute, huh?).

I will be like LiteralDan who unabashedly begged for votes for his blog when he was up for "Best Daddy Blog", which he won BTW (I only voted EVERY day throughout the WHOLE contest...ahem One-Eyed Dan, I'll trade in my tote bag for a REALLY nice comment on #78).

But seriously folks, this is another great learning tool. Please be honest when posting ANY comments. The judging won't be based on comments, the "SECRET AGENT" picks the winner based on his/her own criteria, I'm sure, so feel free to give me any and all constructive criticism!

:) Terri

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nina Bangs Does it Again!

Okay, I'll admit that I am a sucker for Nina Bangs...not only can the woman write one heck of a hot, steamy sex scene, but the men in her books are straight outta fantasy land (in a REALLY good way).

Her latest book, Eternal Pleasure, is book 1 in the "Gods of the Night" series.

It mixes the "end of the world" prophecies with a group of eleven men that are the ancient souls of ultimate predators. They will fight a war with the ultimate evil to save mankind, and along the way, you can count on Ms. Bangs to liven it up with a strong unsuspecting female, Kelly Maloy, who falls for uber male Ty Endeka, one of The Eleven.

With each new book that Nina Bangs writes, she just gets better and better. IMHO this is her best book to date, and I can not wait for the next one!

You can visit her site at .

:) Terri

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just for fun!

Here's a meme within a meme from Atomic Zebra's blog.

1. Open your music library (iTunes, winamp, media player, iPod, whatever) [I made an empty playlist in Windows Media Player, then drug the entire "My Music" folder into it.}
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question below, type the song that’s playing
5. New question — press the next button
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool

* Opening credits: Last of the Mohicans Theme song...OMG I LOVE that music!!!!! I recently added it to my library for writing. It sounds so Celtic, and evokes such strong emotion.

* Waking up: Somewhere in Time Theme song...That is the absolute BEST romantic movie! If you haven't seen it, you MUST! I cry every time I see it...a lot! It is the one time that I can tell you that a movie was better than the book.

* First day at school:Louie Louie by The Kingsmen! How appropriate for the first day of school! I burned a CD for my oldest daughter's 6th grade graduation (moving on to Jr High...had to have a PARTY) celebration to play during their "beach party/cook-out" at should have seen the teachers (some younger than I am) dancing and acting silly when I played this song!

* Falling in love: Love Song by Sara Bareilles...NOW that's funny! This is also one of my daughter's songs...a bit too pop/teeny bopper for me, but the title made me laugh when it started on this category!

* Breaking up: Look Me in the Eyes by the Jonas Brothers...I SWEAR I DON'T LISTEN TO THEM! How horribly embarrassing, this started out so well, and has now taken a turn to the absurd! (okay, as I listen, it's really not THAT bad)

* Prom: Broken by Chris Daughtry (on American Idol)... I was certainly BROKE after my proms, I had to have this ridiculously expensive full sequins dress my senior year.

* Life’s okay: The Pretender by Foo Fighters...pretending life's okay your first thought? NOT first thought was, hmmm Bonnie Prince Charlie, he was called The Pretender (to the throne)...Scottish history...always right there on the surface begging to come out!

* Mental breakdown: Don't Talk to Strangers by Rick Springfield...Okay, I'll admit to this one, when I was about 13, HE WAS HOT (okay, so I'm sure I used the word CUTE back then)! Here's a bit of Rick Springfield trivia...He was in the first 15 minutes of the MOVIE Battlestar Galactica. He played Zack, Commander Adama's son, and Apollo's brother, then Cylons killed him...shot his rocket ship thingy! It was SAD for me back then!

* Driving: *sigh* Caruso by Josh Groban, he sings it in Italian...OMG, I LOVE him!!! His voice is like BUTTAH! I write while listening to Josh Groban often.

* Flashback: Just a Girl by No Doubt...hmmm a flashback called "I'm Just a Girl"...I supposed it could work, I'm certainly past the stage of anyone calling me a "little girl".

* Getting back together: Wake Me Up by Evanescence...GOOOOD song!

* Wedding: HAHAHAHA Nobody's Fool by Cinderella! I'm not even gonna go there with this one, other than to say that when you have a good man, you hang on to him!

* Birth of child: The Dance by Garth Brooks...If you listen to the words, it makes me sad thinking some day my kids will leave me (okay, so I actually PRAY for that day, but I'm sure it'll be bittersweet).

* Final battle: Oh Come All Ye Faithful by Josh Groban...I was hoping for something a bit more PUNCHY for my final battle scene...seems a tad wussy!

* Death scene: Back for More by RATT...Back for more death? WTF?!?! Why couldn't I gotten this one for my final battle? UGH! Good song though!

* End credits: I'm Going Home by Daughtry...I guess for ending credits, American Idol certainly had something with this song, huh?

This was time consuming, but really fun. Thanks Skeeter for the idea!

:) Terri

Monday, July 7, 2008

Did I Mention I Write an Advice Column?

I don't think that I have ever divulged the fact that I got hired to write an advice column. It's not something that just slipped my mind, I guess I just didn't think it was "blog worthy" at the time.

Now you may ask yourself why I suddenly decided to announce the fact that I am the next best thing to Dear Abby. Okay, so I'm not Dear Abby, I am actually just a horribly opinionated person who has done a TON of living in my short years (NO AGE JOKES PLEASE!).

The reason to divulge my secret life as an advice columnist, is two-fold. I thought I would post the questions that I answered for the next issue of the magazine (yes, the one that buys my short stories also pays me to do this), along with the answers I gave. It is an over 35 and married column. I also wanted to solicit questions for the new column that I suggested (not real bright on my part), a Blended Family advice column (guess who gets to do that one also?).

If anyone would like to submit new questions, I can post answers here on my blog (keep in mind these are ONLY my opinion, and meant ONLY for entertainment purposes), and some could be used in the magazine in the future. You can email questions to TerriRainer at aol dot com, or just ask away in the comments if you are a brave soul!

This question comes from a woman over 35 but under 50. She has been married for a long time to same man; a man she met at age 17. He has always had weird sexual fantasies but has kept them to the bedroom. Now he wants her to dress in a short skirt, low cut top and no undies OUTSIDE the bedroom. This really bothers her but she does not know how to tell him, as she is afraid she will make him angry or mad. He works out of state and is home infrequently so she has put him off, but he is to be home the whole month of September and she knows he is going to want this, so how does she tell him she’s not comfortable with his desires?

My immediate thought was, just say no! I do realize that men, however, have to be handled with a bit of care, due to their fragile egos. I have found that often when we women try and have a “discussion” about our feelings, either what we say doesn’t come out right, or perhaps men misconstrue what we are really trying to say, but either way, often what we think is going to be a productive sharing between two adults, melts down into a useless argument.

That being said, it’s often wise to write down your feelings. Perhaps share what you have put on paper with a trusted friend, to make sure that what is said is stated in a manner that is both clear and concise. You should also do a bit of ego stroking, and blame the discomfort in doing what he requested entirely on you….not him.

Give your house a good cleaning, fix a wonderful dinner (preferably his favorite), and fix yourself up (hair and make-up…skip the panty-less attire for this discussion). Share the letter with him, and DON’T be apologetic! There are three things that will satisfy MOST men, a clean house, food in their belly, and sex when they want it. It doesn’t mean that we have to degrade ourselves, or do things we aren’t comfortable with to please them.

If you don’t give him the choice, stick to your guns, and offer “bedroom only” suggestions, he should respect your need to keep the bedroom, in the bedroom.

Good luck!
Terri Rainer

This one comes from a twenty-eight year old woman. She says she always seems to pick the worst men. The last one she picked abused her mentally and emotionally and her children saw things they should not have. He never hit the children or her. She wants to know why she likes the bad boys.

The age-old question…what makes those bad boys so darn appealing in the beginning? Sometimes it’s just the luck of the draw and that nice guy turns into the spawn of Satan, sometimes we have indicators right from the start that this guy is bad news, and we just don’t listen or want to see. Whatever the case, as a single mom, your first and only priority should be your kids.

Now, I’m not saying you should live like a nun. If you don’t take time for yourself, then you would just about go nuts. What I am saying is, don’t let the kids around ANY man, until you get to know him better.

Often poor self esteem or other personal issues affect who we gravitate towards. Maybe you should start by taking a break from any and all dating. Give yourself a time period, maybe six months, maybe a year. STICK to it! If you meet a really great guy, if it was meant to be, he’ll still be around when it’s time to test the dating waters.

Another piece of advice is to listen to your friends and family. I would bet that the last guy you were with did not have many fans. Often we are too involved in that instant chemistry and falling in lust to see the big picture. Make a list of the realistic things (that applies to their personality…NOT appearance) you want in a man. If you meet someone, and he falls short of that list, cut your losses and run the other way. You should DEMAND a certain standard for yourself, and for your kids.

Good Luck!
Terri Rainer

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gerard the Gede, Guardian of the Veil Part 2

Okay, here's the second Gede story. It is due by the end of July to the publisher, so I thought I would post it here first!

Finding release with Georgia, the last earthbound spirit to summon him, Gerard was left still longing; longing for something more than a simple joining with another spirit. He was lonely. The realization caused a jolt to his system. He knew that The Baron, ruler of the Gede, had foretold of his joining with the one soul-mate that would complete him. He also knew it could be centuries before that happened. Time was unpredictable for an immortal who resided in the veil.

“I suppose I should be satisfied, I could think of worse things than to be a God of death and the libido.” Gerard murmured to himself, as he once again tuned into the multitude of voices that always seemed to emanate from the veil, the world between the living and the dead.

It was often hard for him to differentiate between those souls truly wanting release. There were those who still thought themselves alive and others happy to retain any part of the living. Then there was the ever present threat of the Death Walkers. Death Walkers go by many names. The one he chose to use seemed the most appropriate.

Death Walkers also, like Gede, walk a fine line between the veil and the living. The big difference is their role. Gerard was not just any Gede; he was the guardian of the veil. His powers were great on their own, but when he had a willing participant to lend their own libido to his, he was the most powerful Gede, aside from the Baron.

Death Walkers are the destroyers. They walk among the living, although they belong in the veil. Any soul that they claim, remains in the veil until one such as Gerard, could bring them release. Gerard thought Death Walkers an abomination. They were once mere mortals who now claimed God-like powers; the power of life and death over the innocent.

Gerard closed his icy blue eyes. His black lashes fanned out contrasting with his pale iridescent skin. Tilting his chin up, his raven hair fell in shiny waves past his shoulders. He took several deep breaths, trying to focus in on any one of the tormented souls crying for release.


Amelia had known from the start that she was dead. She still had the stark memories of her murder, for that’s what it had been, to keep her company in this purgatory. She also had her murderer to keep her company. Lissette looked nothing like the monster that Amelia knew her to be. The woman, if that was truly what she was, was tiny in stature. Her long blonde hair fell to her waist in a cascade of golden waves. The features that made up her heart shaped face were almost child-like in their perfection and innocence. Her eyes were the only thing that showed her true nature. Such a dark mahogany, that they often appeared black. Black soulless eyes, Amelia had often thought.

“I expect you to follow my instructions Amelia. What I offer you is the chance to be free of this hell, as you call it, and to be free of me. The Elders have given me a task, one I will not fail. It’s quite simple, really. Wail to your heart’s desire, just as I know you do on the inside. I can feel it when I am near. Your pain does not lessen with time, my dear. If you wail long and loud enough, he who is of the Gede will come to you. They are predictable and pathetic creatures.”

Amelia was unsure how much time had passed since Lissette had issued those orders to her. As of yet, she had not uttered a single cry. She had no intention of helping Lissette. That is until she reappeared. Now she knew that she would do anything she was told, to protect the innocence that was threatened.

Amelia gazed down into the crib of the newborn child. She had chosen to remain in the house she had once shared with her husband and own small child; a child that she had saved from Lissette, by offering herself willingly. Now Lissette had given her no choice, once again. The child that lay sleeping was not her own, though she often sang to him, and watched over him as she was never allowed to do with her baby. She would not stand by and watch Lissette drain every drop of blood from the child, just to prove her point. If it was wailing she wanted, then it was wailing that Amelia would give her. She raised her face to the heavens and started to scream. A scream that she felt could go on and on, a scream that contained all of the anger, sadness, helplessness and angst that she had building in her since her death.


As Gerard focused on the voices, he was overcome by the unexpected intensity of one that penetrated all others. He followed the voice through the veil, until he stood before a young woman. He watched her without showing himself. Her auburn hair caught up in a chignon. Tears streamed down her splotchy red face. He knew at first glance that she was one of the damned; a victim of a Death Walker.

Her screams forced him to show himself. It was too hard to maintain his shield while her emotions swirled about the room. Gerard was startled, not something that happened often. The woman stopped screaming and spoke.

“You are Gede I presume? Lissette should be pleased.”

Gerard felt, more than heard the sarcasm in her voice. His eyebrows creased together as he stared intently at the woman, wondering how she could possibly know what he was. In all his days, he had never met a soul, damned or not, that knew what a Gede was, much less that he was said Gede.

“Lissette would be the Death Walker who condemned you to the veil?” Gerard had never before felt the need to do anything more than comfort before he sent a spirit on their journey from the veil. This was new territory. His skin tingled with warning. Searching the room, he saw no one else, but he was aware of a presence in the room; a presence that was so overwhelmingly female that it momentarily distracted him from seeking answers from the woman before him.

“Lissette would be the monster who murdered me. Call her whatever you like. Are you a killer like her?”

Gerard was taken by surprise; otherwise he might have been insulted.

“Nay, I don’t take life; I give it…in a way. Do you know where you are?”

“In hell.” Amelia answered without pause.

Gerard chuckled. “I suppose it could be considered hell, a purgatory that this Lissette has banished your soul to. You are in the veil. I can release your soul to cross to the other side.”

He watched her carefully. Never before had a Death Walker divulged the secret of the Gede to one who was damned, at least not that he had ever come in contact with. There had to be a reason, and he wanted to know what that reason was.

As Gerard watched the shock on the woman’s face when she realized he could truly end her suffering, he saw the hunger start. Her eyes glazed over, and she stepped toward him. He needed answers, but this woman’s pain caused such an intense hunger in her, that it overtook him. The need to know about the Death Walker, Lissette, and the need for the woman before him battled for his attention. Being the God of libido, her need won.

He stepped forward, enfolding her in his arms. Her life force was strong. The damned always were. It was hard to control his need. Crossing over one such as her always left him energized. His mind went blank the moment his spirit joined with hers. As one they writhed in the eternal dance of release. Amelia threw her head back to scream, only this time it was not agony that escaped her lips, but the purest sound of joy; then she was gone.

Gerard felt intensely male, testosterone raged through him. His breath started to become more regular, and he was about to disappear back into the folds of the veil but he stopped himself when he caught the movement from the corner of the room. He turned and locked eyes with another woman. This one, however, was not like the last. She was there by choice, she was there to watch. He felt this as soon as he saw the startled expression on her face, a face that took his breath away in its beauty and innocence. Then she was gone. Try as he might, he couldn’t sense her, or where she had gone.

Gerard made a promise to himself that he would find this woman again, he knew deep down in his soul that he was somehow connected to this woman, and he would find out why, no matter the time, no matter the cost.

Terri Rainer copyright 2008