Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am in a contest!!!!

Okay, I sent my first page of The Crichton Heir in to Authoress's blog for a contest. It is being judged by "SECRET AGENT". Comments will be posted on each submission (There were 113 submissions). I am # 78, although the submissions are anonymous. The name of the contest is "ARE YOU HOOKED". When leaving comments, you start out with a YES or a NO (answering whether you are hooked, cute, huh?).

I will be like LiteralDan who unabashedly begged for votes for his blog when he was up for "Best Daddy Blog", which he won BTW (I only voted EVERY day throughout the WHOLE contest...ahem One-Eyed Dan, I'll trade in my tote bag for a REALLY nice comment on #78).

But seriously folks, this is another great learning tool. Please be honest when posting ANY comments. The judging won't be based on comments, the "SECRET AGENT" picks the winner based on his/her own criteria, I'm sure, so feel free to give me any and all constructive criticism!

:) Terri


Christy said...

I'm going over to check it out--that's awesome!

LiteralDan said...

You know, the day I start handing out tote bags, you're going to wish you hadn't traded yours away.

But you amuse me greatly, so maybe if I end up with extra you can have one anyway.

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Has your letter been critiqued yet? Off to vote!

TerriRainer said...

Christy - Thanks! And just a word of advice...develop thick skin if you don't already have it!

One-eyed Dan - I know, I know, I'll be so jealous of the others with their tote bags! And thanks for the might actually convince people that you would consider reading romance!

Mrs. 4444 - What can I say? You learn something every day. Cliches...BAD THING TO USE WHILE WRITING! And wording can change two guys to four...DUH! Thanks for catching that one.

:) Terri

Skeeter said...

Hi ya kiddo,

I have visited your #78 and posted a yes. nicely done.

Just for good measure I read the other ones until I could find one to give a NO to. No, I don't care if people think it's wrong to administer beat downs just because I'm having one of those moods. It makes ME feel better. Hope it helps you chances ... you know.

Anne Spollen said...

Well, today's the day we all find out, Terri! I have about 5 favorites lined up, and I deliberately DIDN'T read what the secret agent said (didn't want the influence).
This is a little crazy, but if I'm right, none of us even knows what the prize is, and still I'm rooting for people I know... :)

Christy said...

Check it out Terri--I gave you an award (on my blog.) You're the best! :)

Christy said...

I forgot--I just left a comment on the contest site. I had tried to do it a few times before, but I encountered some problems & it wouldn't post. Anyway, mission accomplished!

Wifey said...

I just checked it out and gave you a big ol' yes - smiles! Great job.

Dapoppins said...

Since I love feedback too...well I will just get on over there and find you!

Dapoppins said...

The contest is over now, but I am loving this this the original Miss Snark?

TerriRainer said...

Skeeter - Thanks, as always, for the feedback!

Anne - YOU ROCK! I knew you'd win, and you deserved it...boys ARE like frogs!

Christy - THanks for the award and the support!

Wifey - Thanks for the kind words!

dapoppins - Great site, isn't it? It's only a few months old, and Authoress is a writer, not the original Miss Snark, who I think was an agent.

:) Terri

Monkey Toe Momma said...

Sorry, I just now looked at it and I thought some people were a bit nit picky. I, however, thought it was great! I think it's awesome of you to do this. Personally, I would be too afraid to put my work up for critique. My ego would never survive. But I guess thats why I'm not the published author! :)