Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nina Bangs Does it Again!

Okay, I'll admit that I am a sucker for Nina Bangs...not only can the woman write one heck of a hot, steamy sex scene, but the men in her books are straight outta fantasy land (in a REALLY good way).

Her latest book, Eternal Pleasure, is book 1 in the "Gods of the Night" series.

It mixes the "end of the world" prophecies with a group of eleven men that are the ancient souls of ultimate predators. They will fight a war with the ultimate evil to save mankind, and along the way, you can count on Ms. Bangs to liven it up with a strong unsuspecting female, Kelly Maloy, who falls for uber male Ty Endeka, one of The Eleven.

With each new book that Nina Bangs writes, she just gets better and better. IMHO this is her best book to date, and I can not wait for the next one!

You can visit her site at .

:) Terri


LiteralDan said...

Don't take it personally that I'm not that excited about this one.

Christy said...

Is it really you? I bet you're Nina Bangs aren't you? You've got a hot, steamy sex scene in you, don't you?! LOL

TerriRainer said...

One-eyed Dan: I think EVERY man should read romance novels! There isn't one out there that wouldn't learn a thing or two. As for Eternal Pleasure, it's got fighting (good guy/bad guy kinda stuff), macho chest beating, and SEX! If it was a movie, I bet you'd watch it!

Christy: I wanna be Nina Bangs when I grow up! I have written some pretty racey stuff in my writing class...okay, it was just plain smut! My "regualr" writing is pretty tame though.

:) Terri