Sunday, July 27, 2008

Diana Gabaldon and Time Displacement

Look what I did yesterday! Not only did I get to meet my all-time favorite author, Diana Gabaldon, but I attended classes all day that she was either on the panel or taught! How great does she look? Ms. Gabaldon is almost 20 years my senior, but she looks better than I do! See what writing GREAT novels can do?

She is not only a gracious person, but humble and down to earth. The first class was an interview with her. At the end, questions were taken...that's when the weirdness began! This guy asked:

"Do you believe in time displacement?"***

Okay, if you know anything about this author, she is also a scientist. She replied to him about having written a paper for a scientific journal about it.

OMG! This guy raised his voiced and said:

"They've proven it! IT'S A FACT. Time displacement is real!!!!"***
He then went into a detailed description of the experiment and "proof".

Ms Gabaldon smiled and politely nodded, much like you would to a child telling about an imaginary friend, or the crazy person you see walking through a parking lot talking loudly to themselves. I'm not sure how she kept from rolling her eyes (I had my hand firmly locked over my mouth to prevent the snort from breaking free). This just goes to prove that this woman is a class act, and I feel privileged to have met her.

The time between classes, Lisa and I sat in the lobby and people watched. was interesting. A Sci-Fi conference certainly brings out the characters. All in all, it was a good time, and I am glad that I went!

*** The quote may not be EXACT, but close enough for you to get the picture.

:) Terri


Anne Spollen said... you mean they DIDN'T prove time displacement is real?


(I think)

Imagine what questions the audience will ask you one day...

Mary Duncan said...

I'm bowing to you right now :•) Great shot of you and Diana! Glad you had good time.

I can picture you clearly in my mind sliding under the table with your hand slapped over your mouth. Now, if I was with you, there wouldn't have been any hands covering guffaws and giggles! We'd have been on the floor rolling in abandon. Couldn't have stopped me!


LiteralDan said...

You know what else They have proven? That guy lives in his parents' basement.

For the record, in case he's reading (because you just know that somehow he is), this is not proven by whether or not he's correct, but rather by his chosen venue and method of presentation.

Christy said...

Okay, I must be really stupid, because I'm not entirely sure what time displacement IS. Glad you had a good time--and how awsome to meet an author that you admire! LUCKY! :)

PS Did you write any sex scenes yet? LOL

TerriRainer said...

Anne - I doubt if ANYBODY asked me a question like that I could keep a straight face!

Mary - I think my friend Lisa and I were too damn shocked to roll on the floor...until later of course!

One-eyed Dan - He looked like an engineer-type(SORRY SKEETER, but he did!), complete with the pocket protector! I do believe that you could be onto something...he also looked like he had a cranky ole momma at home that he takes care of.

Christy - Think "Somewhere in Time" (the movie) or time travel to be simplistic. And as for the sex scenes...are you offering to critique for me? :) I do have the middle part of the story (um, the sex), I just need a prologue/epilogue and a bit of revision. I guess you could say I need a REASON for the sex, well, other than it was really fun "single sex"***.

:) Terri

*** Fictional "single sex" of course...ahem.

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

My time is ALWAYS displaced! I could write a book on THAT! Glad you took the time to give this gift to yourself, Terri; you deserve it! :)

Skeeter said...

Jesus, Mary and Joseph ... first you take a croquet mallet to our time displacement fantasy, and then you dis- my pocket-protected alter ego. I'm wounded dear heart, just wounded. Fortunately, we were discussing sex, so it was just a ... flesh ... wound.

Yes, it was bad. It's all I had. I didn't get to see Diana Gabaldon this weekend.

Best wishes

Christy said...

OF COURSE! tee hee hee...

Monkey Toe Momma said...

I LOVE her books!!! How awesome for you to met her!!! And LOL @ that guy!

Skeeter said...

Hi ya kiddo. How's life? Are ya coming toa Wednesday nighter any time soon?