Friday, January 18, 2008

Plotting Vs. Revisions

I have a conundrum....I have been plotting book 2, moderately, here and there. I need to revise TCH (book 1). But as I plot on book 2, I have been finding things that I need to change, or ad to TCH, as the two main characters in book 2 are "supporting" characters in TCH.

The more I think about it, the more I lean toward taking that class that starts the 28th. It is called "Plotting Your Novel". I honestly think it might be best to fully plot out book 2 before I do revisions on the first book.

It was amazing how much I learned from the first class I took. My instructor, the esteemed, award winning author, Mel Odom, must have thought I was a complete moron through half the class!

I argued over half of what he said, then weeks, sometimes MONTHS later would say, "Ohhhhhh I get it now! I really DIDN'T have a plot.....Ohhhhhhhhhh, I DO need to read what I write.......Ohhhhhhhh, I guess I can't kill all the main characters off!"

Okay, okay, I am a bit set in my ways, and like an old dog, resist learning new tricks. Now I realize just how little I actually do know, and thirst for that fountain of knowledge that can only be provided by other's who have been there, done that!

My excuses for not doing revisions are flying out the window, and perhaps this is just one more attempt to avoid that daunting task. My co-conspirator, Lisa, whom I would have NEVER finished TCH without her constant NAGGING (she called it encouragement, I call it nagging!), is the most well-read individual I know. She not only reads, she reads about the authors, how they write, how they got published, etc...and even though her degree IS from OSU, I think her minor was in writing.....She is the one who suggested plotting out book 2 before I finished revisions, for the exact reason I mentioned....God, I hate not knowing everything, but what's worse, is I hate to ADMIT not knowing everything....It's a girl thing!

Anyhoo, just working out my next course of action, and decided I would blog about it...might be neat in a few decades, when I too am an "esteemed, award winning author" to be able to look back and see how I struggled!

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