Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ghostly Blog Chain Blatherskite

It's that time again, time for the blog chain to commence! This group of writers is fantastic! You will find most have messy desks (which makes me feel so much better about my own), and they have some quirks that I share, and some that I just shake my head at! Here's the question this time:

What kind of quirky habits or rituals do you have regarding your writing? (or regarding anything else, if that is more fun.)

After following this chain from Mary , who started it (BAAAAAA BAAAAAAAAA), all the way to the last one to post, Elana (the only one WITHOUT even a desk to mess up), I have to say that YES, I have a messy messy desk, but no sheep like Mary. The only real quirk I have while writing is that I MUST be listening to music. Each major scene in The Crichton heir has a song that I played over and over while writing it. I called it “my mood music”.

I also have ADD (I dropped the “H” years ago, with so many kids, I don’t have the energy to be hyper too). The way my brain works is CRAZY. I start one thing, then another, then another, often forgetting what I was doing to begin with. I have to make lists if I have a lot to do, and I have to stick to them. The only way that this helps when I am writing, is that if you know anything about ADD, then you know that another "quirk" is hyper-focusing. YES, I will hyper-focus until my eyes feel like they will pop out of my head. Whether it’s research (I will spend HOURS and HOURS researching one thing.) or reading a book, or even writing. When you get in the “zone” everything else disappears.

Now, in keeping with my October theme, this post wouldn’t be complete with out a little ghostly tid-bit. Here’s where I start to get REAL quirky (my daughter just calls it WEIRD). Ghosts don’t scare me. Oh, they used to, as you can see from my previous stories. However, once you realize that fear comes from the unknown, and you spend hours and hours researching paranormal topics, not only on the web, but interviewing people, and even speaking to psychics (yes, I believe in them too, but not all…another post would require my thoughts on the charlatans that defraud grieving people), you realize that REAL people pose a far greater threat than the dead ones.

My beliefs would be considered quirky I suppose. I KNOW that ghosts exist, without a single solitary doubt. I’ve seen too much, heard too much, and felt too much to ever doubt the existence of them. Now here’s where things get subjective. I believe that ghosts are individuals who have died, but have not “crossed over”. They are stuck between this plane of existence that we live in, and the next, the one that our spirit moves on to (most people would call it heaven).

There are many things that keep a person “stuck”. Some die suddenly and often tragically. They are not even aware that they are dead, and become trapped. Others know they are dead, but led such a “sin-filled” life, that they are afraid to cross over, afraid of what may await them. Then you have the ones who just loved life so much, that they refuse to move on, clinging to a world they are no longer a part of.

Whatever caused the ghost to remain trapped, there are times when they can and do interact with the living. Oh, and they CAN travel. That I do know for a FACT, which I will go into a bit in my next post. I have even HEARD them speaking. NO, the voices in my head are my characters, I actually heard one on a tape recorder that was VERY loud, and VERY clear, and kind of attitudal, if you ask me. Again, that story will be coming up this month too.

Ghosts can be found in many places. Of course, there are cemeteries, you can pretty much bet that somebody is hangin around there (I have a really good picture of a guy that was doing just that….he was dead of course, and we didn’t SEE him when we took the picture, he just ended up in it), then you have hospitals. Now, I can tell you that OLD hospitals can be an interesting place to visit. I was invited on an investigation that I will post about later that was in an old abandoned county hospital, and let me just say that it’s hard to duck and dodge things that someone throws when you can’t see the person throwing them! Ghosts can also be found where they died (like a hospital), could be a house, a street where an accident took place, pretty much anywhere, but they do have the ability to “hitch a ride” so to speak. So you just never really know if you have a ghost looking over your shoulder while you grocery shop, or watch a movie, or even typing at your computer.

I will continue with my own personal experiences soon, but be sure to check out the next to post in the blog chain, Leah .

And I also wanted to thank David McMahon for featuring me TWICE now on his blog! He's got a great blog with some really great people that have stopped by. Go check him out (okay, I meant his blog, not actually HIM)!


H. L. Dyer said...

I have writing music too. In fact, I'm still listening to the MP3 disk I made for The Edge of Memory when I was banging out the first draft.

I keep it in my car now. ;)

Sandra said...

It must help to be so focused! I tend to get distracted while I'm trying to write, especially if I'm connected to the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an interesting post! I also have to have music, and I think I've burned enough CD's to keep Costco in business by myself. There's just so much great music out there to inspire.

Interesting stories about ghosts. My book is about a guy trapped in between life and death. He can relate. :)

Abi said...

I must have background noise too, whether it's music or TV, it doesn't matter.

And I'm loving your ghost stories.


Mary Lindsey said...

Ghosts! Woot. You and I, we've gotta talk, girl. :) My novel is about a girl who intercedes on behalf of hindered spirits who are earth-bound by unresolved earthly issues.

I can totally relate to the music thing.

Thanks for sharing your quirks!

Carrie Harris said...

I must be strange. If I listen to music, I end up singing too much and writing too little. Unless it's something unsingable, of course.

Archetype said...

I'm going to have to catch up on your ghost stories! Your beliefs tell me they'll be interesting!

And LOL -- finally we have someone with a real "disorder" (even though I prefer the hunter in a farmer's world theory that says ADHD isn't actually a disorder, just a different approach)...and it's NOT OCD! :-D

And hyperfocusing does sound enviable, as someone else mentioned, the way you describe it!

celticqueen said...

Oooo, I have to do the list thing too! While doing this last round of edits, I had a list 2 pages long of stuff that I need to do to the ms. And I kept IMing a crit buddy asking if I forgot anything :D Good thing she can remember or I'd be sunk!!

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

I love the ghostly direction this posting went in - very cool, Terri!

Rhea said...

David McMahon rocks. I love his witty rhymes and his fabulous photography!

It's interesting to hear how writers are about music. Some have to have it, others don't. I know a great author who has a certain song associated with each piece of work, which she listens to, in order to get in the mood and get started, than she has to turn the music off.


Anonymous said...

So with you on the music thing. Loving the ghost posts! :)

Jessica V. said...

Ahhhh, the "zone." I have heard of this mythical place, but have yet to find it. Perhaps you could give me some directions? I fear I spend too much time in Distraction Land.