Friday, October 3, 2008

A Journey Into the Paranormal Begins

Having promised ghost stories, I have now made myself accountable! I have thought long and hard (yes, it did hurt) about which story to tell first. I suppose it would be best to go in a somewhat chronological order, as there are a few. It kinda shows my spiral into the paranormal realm.

As so many out there, I was always interested in ghost stories, witchcraft, etc while a teen. I read every Stephen King book I could get my hands on in Jr. High. The school library actually had quite a few books on the history of witches/witchcraft…I read those too. My mom kept telling me that those books were going to “warp my brain”. Hmmmm, maybe they did! Either way, I thought that stuff was cool, but I was safely on the sidelines. I didn’t have any ghosts in my house, or anybody else’s that I knew, and no coven of witches hanging out in MY neighborhood. Then I grew up and moved past any interest that I had in all that “hocus pocus” stuff.

Fast forward to 2002. I’m planning a trip to Eureka Springs to get married to my second (and current husband). He had picked this beautiful cabin in the Ozark Mountains to stay in. While researching the area, I ran across the Crescent Hotel. I guess you could say that my journey would start there, although I wasn’t aware of that at the time.

The Crescent Hotel reminded me of a smaller, scarier version of the Stanley Hotel (from the Shining). It was built in 1886 and has a history that is unparallel by any hotel as far as a gruesome past. They also offered a GHOST TOUR!!!! How exciting is that? I was so there. I made Kel (hubby) PROMISE that we would take the ghost tour.

Our trip was actually six years ago to the day! Today is my anniversary. I didn’t even realize that I was telling this story on the exact date until I had almost finished! I did however; remember it was my anniversary…unlike SOME people who shall remain nameless (KEL). That’s another story though, and actually very amusing.

I will post tomorrow about that fateful tour (I just heard the Gilligan’s Island theme song start in my head) and the consequences, because, yes, there were LONG reaching consequences for making the decision to place ourselves in a situation that we had no idea could spiral so far out of control.

See ya then!
Sorry about the poor quality pics, my scanner needs a new cord! I may have to repost the pics, considering you can actually see the Crescent Hotel in the background in our wedding photos...we hadn't been there yet, we visited on October 4!


Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Happy Anniversary! And that hotel looks freakishly awesome!

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

No problem on the pics. Sure would love a bigger font, though! :( I'm getting to old and have to squint to read it! :)