Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Plotting and Character Development

I spent the weekend working out a few major plot points to the story I’m working on. I’ll admit it was mostly about how to kill two major characters, which had me and a friend giggle incessantly (it was an evil girl thing, seeing as how they are both male characters). Now that I have a loose plot, I decided to work on character development.

I know it’s been AGES since I actually talked about WRITING, but I loved to use visual aides for my characters. I would search the internet to find a picture or pictures for each character I was developing. Guess who’s been using Google search for images? Oh yeah…that would be me!

So, I have my first character I’m developing all picked out. He’ll be my “comic relief” in a REALLY snarky way. Now, I must warn you, I’m pretty much writing this as therapy and have NO intention of thinking this will be some literary work of genius (it won’t be). But I do plan on having fun with it!

That being said let me introduce you to Algonquin, other-wise known as Quin. He’s a sparkly fairy person. He’s pretty damn pissed that he sparkles, too. I think that’s really what’s got a burr up his ass. He’s much wiser than any of he other characters, and I think he’s going to have some really cool super-powers (well, besides being all sparkly).

The best part about my characters is they are all going to be based on REAL people. That’s why Quin sparkles…his human counter-part HATES all things sparkly (i.e. Twilight vampires).

I think I’ll save developing my main male characters for later….although I certainly know EXACTLY who they’ll be based on...and they have really sexy accents....all THREE of them (and here you all thought I was just gonna say "two", didn't you?). 

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