Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Official...Girnigoe is a PERV!

Took Girnigoe to the vet (if you are confused, read previous post) today. She is fine, though it seems she may have suffered through a false pregnancy during her last heat. I have the go ahead to breed her, on the condition it is with a smaller male (God knows she needs to get some). There were no issues, physiologically anyway, and she got a clean bill of health.

The young vet said it was normal for dogs to have "special friends" (i.e. the beanie babies). I did, however, get the raised eyebrows from her when I described the self-delivered cunnilingus that Girnigoe seems overly fond of lately. It seems she has never heard of a dog taking that much satisfaction in a tongue bath.

I do have a friend who suggested making a short video clip of it, titling it "Dog Masturbating", and posting it on YouTube. She claims it would be the most watched video in NO time. She is under the false assumption that it would look good in a query letter or resume that I had the most viewed video on YouTube.

Kid's are out for spring break (JOY), so I am not looking forward to my house being over-run by them and their friends. If they get wind of my dog and her talents, God only knows my son will charge his friends admission.

On a writing note, I haven't started Chapter 10 revisions yet. I'll get there, but life so seems to always get in the way.


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Skeeter said...

self-delivered cunnilingus ... now that's not something a vet or any other person is likely to hear everyday. Cool? yes. Funny? Of course. Routine? Nope, not at all.