Sunday, March 16, 2008

Revisions Revisions Revisions!

I originally started this blog to track my writing progress, however, since I am so ADD, I can't seem to stay on topic even HERE!

Now I feel that I must at least post every once in a while about The Crichton Heir, and the progress, or often lack thereof, during the daunting task of revising the finished manuscript.

I think I may have written before about how bad the first dozen or so chapters were. They were REALLY bad. I have now completely rewritten the first nine chapters, and am almost ready to tie them into the original.

The other night, I sat down, and read all of it out loud to my MIL (a big thanks to Lisa, who was here and decided to read the conversations taking place between the characters, using what started as a pretty good Scottish brogue, although it did take a turn toward an English/Irish combo accent before it was done).

When you read something over and over from a computer screen, you tend to miss so much! I had printed it out, and grabbed up my handy red pencil, and made corrections as I went. They were all minor, but boy did they add up.

I still need to make the corrections on the PC, but I feel much better about the so far finished product.

I also wanted to point out the GREAT post on Mary Duncan's site ( She has a FANTASTIC picture of a man in a kilt, well, half way in a kilt, he he he :)...LOVE IT!

Spring break started on Friday for my kids, so not sure how much work I will get done. At least I don't have to get up early, so hopefully I can work at night more often this week. I had the goal to finish revisions by March 24, not sure if I'll make it, but I haven't thrown in the towel yet!



Mary Duncan said...


The rewriting of most of your book comes as no surprise to me. It's what I do more times than I can count! It's not until I get past chapter 10 or 11 that I figure my plot is going well enough to stand on it's own. Also, ALWAYS read each chapter out loud. It makes SUCH a huge difference in what it REALLY sounds like.

My husband, Dan, is my sounding board. I'm blessed by having a man who loves to listen to my stories, AND not be afraid to tell me if they're good enough. 'Course, I can only tell him that AFTER I've bitten off his head and spit it out to the beasts. We artists are sensitive that way. Ha!

Keep up the good work!

PS - Glad you're having fun with my un-kilted Scotsman! He's a joy to behold!!!


Skeeter said...

Ambitious goal, but the results so far have been OUTSTANDING. Keep 'em coming dear. You're doing great!

Susan said...

Just wanted to let you know that I happened upon your blog and really enjoyed your writing. I occasionally help judge books for Romance Writers' contests (published books) and you're writing strikes me as just as good as what I'm reading. Keep up the good work; I'm sure you'll be published someday.

As for Gerard Butler, all I can say is he has to be one of the most gorgeous men in the world.

Marisa said...

From what Don has told me, you're book is going to be amazing. Keep up with revising. I'm excited to hear about your progress.

Skeeter said...

I can't wait either. Keep on those revisions!

Skeeter said...

Have to confess that I ditched class tonight because I was working late ...

Marisa said...

Don't leave me hanging, Terri...what's going on in your world?