Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tairen Soul by CL Wilson ROCKS!

Spring break came and went at my house. There were always our five kids, along with their friends or numerous cousins over here hanging out. Needless to say, I got NOTHING done!

My husband decided that he would take a week of vacation the following week. Needless to say, I got NOTHING done!

I long for the day when I have my house to myself again. No kids, no husband, NO ONE!

Lisa asked me the other day if I didn't go insane staying at home all the time. It was an easy answer for me. NO! Emphatically so. I am such a home-body. I like to be able to do my thing, whether it's sitting at the PC, talking on the phone, or just some project around the house. I think I got all of that going going going out of my system when I was younger.

Well, my self imposed deadline to finish my revisions came and went, and I haven't even touched them in over two weeks. I should feel guilty, but alas, I just don't. I know that as soon as I regain my house, I will continue to trudge through them, I'll just have to give myself a kick in the rear end when the time comes. Till then, I have been reading, reading, reading.

I read the BEST book (out of the half a dozen I've read in the last week)! It is by C.L. Wilson. It was book 2 of her Tairen Soul Series (didn't know this till I was finished, I HATE that), Lady of Light and Shadows. I have now ordered the first, Lord of the Fading Lands and can't wait to read it. It's a very "Lord of the Rings" type book, but better. She has now been put on my favorite authors list and look forward to the two more books coming out in the fall.

Well, enough rambling for now!


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Skeeter said...

Reading, reading, reading ... it's the price of admission for the craft, I think. I'll turn on the chat line and give you a ring. Talk with you later.