Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dutch War of 1780????

Okay, who out there knew about the Dutch/English war of 1780? How about the fact that it was the FOURTH Dutch/English war in about a hundred year period? Not being a big history buff, I was surprised. Lisa V, my historical voice of reason while writing hadn't heard of it either!

It just so happens that I really needed a small war/conflict that fell into that very time period. I kinda write first, research later. I find something retarded that I need to explain, like why my hero was knighted, hence the "Sir" that comes before his name. Unbeknownst to me, he had actually fought in the Dutch/English war (1780-84) and was knighted following the acquisition of a certain Caribbean island from the Dutch. Funny how these things work out!

I had actually determined my time period in book 1, so that by the time I got to the third in the series, I could have a bit about the French Revolution play a part in it. Scotland is GREAT, but I think by book three, we may need a change of scenery, at least for a bit. Call it going on "holiday", although I'm not sure I would have picked France personally.

As for revisions, or I should just call them re-writes, they are coming along nicely. I had to completely re-write chapter 1-6 or 7. I am starting 5 now, and may have 1 or two after it before I can tie it in and actually revise instead of re-write, but WOW! I think the new chapters ROCK, especially if you compare them to the original ones.

I found "crivens", but come to find out, it's not quite profane, just an exclamation showing surprise, but I used it anyway.


Skeeter said...

Oh Hell YES! Chapter One is a ripsnorter from the word go. It's really, really good. Give me more, more, more!!!

TerriRainer said...

THANKS! Coming from you, that is HUGE!

Lisa claims that I have "found my voice". I just hope that when I finish up the revisions an agent feels the same way!

I have also decided that Mel was right (how many times have I said that in the last year?????) and that a reader wants to learn while they read, but not have facts/history crammed down their throat (my wording, but it was something to that affect).

I think I have found a way to insert a few historical events without too much background about them.

Makes it look like I actually did some research (which I have) and I think it lends itself to the historical aspect of the romance (it is a historical romance after all).

Thanks again for the kind words, it means a lot!

Merrymags said...


As a crazed fan of anything by Vermeer, I did know that the Dutch and English had a long history of animosity -- the founder of the famous Churchill family (the 1st Duke of Marlborough) was rewarded a land grant, where Blenheim now stands, in part for his action against the Dutch (thought the home is named after an engagement in Germany). Queen Anne, who granted that land, had a sister -- Queen Mary, who was married to William of Orange -- A Dutchman and Protestant. That marriage was arranged so James II and Catholicism wouldn't reclaim England.

The Dutch/English engagement of the latter-mid 1600's is what led to the economic depression in the Netherlands that, in essence, signaled the end of Vermeer. He couldn't make enough money to support his millions of children.

Amazing stuff, how everything all ties together. That's why I LOVE history.

TerriRainer said...


Would certainly explain why the Dutch hated the English (geez, who didn't during the 18th century?).

The war that I will be using was the FOURTH, yes there were three before that one, and it came after the revoluntionary war. England was trying to cut off the states from supplies by an embargo, so since the Dutch already hated the English, they took that opportunity to declare war.

It was the final nail in their coffin however, and the once powerful Dutch lost their holdings in the Caribbean and the remaining few ships in their Navy.

Cool stuff! I was excited to find that war that I so neatly tie into my main character.

Thanks for your info, always LOVE to hear from new people. I visited your blog, very impressive, you must be a busy girl (life and all)!

Merrymags said...

Terri --

Thanks for stopping by my blog. That makes 4 -- no, maybe 5 readers total!!!!

I'm excited to see how your book develops. How long have you been working on it? It's a dream of mine to write -- I can't tell you how many times I've started and stopped. In fact, I started my blog to use it as writing practice, to get used to the discipline. I'll keep checking in here to follow what goes on in your world. And, see you at DG's blog. What I wouldn't give to have her readership!!! (As if...)


Linda said...

Interesting to know.