Friday, December 24, 2010

Why Scotland?

Anyone who knows me, knows I talk about Scotland, Scottish history and, of course, men in kilts. I was sitting here thinking about why I have such an obsession with all things Scottish. To be honest, I really can't say. I suppose my writing could be to blame partially, but I'm pretty sure my obsession with flash-backs on Highlander the series (the flash-backs in which Duncan was wearing a kilt and using that brogue), came way before I started writing seriously.

I'll start with my childhood. When I was three or four, my first dog was a Scottish Terrier named Sammy. Next comes the Irish Setter named Rusty. Of course, at the young age of five, I hardly had a say in dog breeds, nor did I have any concept of geography....but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Aside from the dog choices my parents made, I'm not sure my childhood contained any foreign influences until I turned about 12. I discovered a brown paper sack in my mom's closet. In it was a treasure. Book after book of historical romances a friend had given her. I would sneak them out and upstairs to read one at a time. Lords, Knights, Pirates and of course Highland Rogues. Looking back, probably wasn't the best way to form my outlook on relationships and romance, but it's a bit too late to undo that now!

So as my 40th year comes to an end, I have to ask myself this, "What makes me happy?" ROMANCE of course! I'm a hopeless romantic. There, I said it. Whew. It's like an alcoholic admitting they're a drunk. First step I suppose. 

Next step? I think it should be to find a Scottish man and just get it out of my system. Yeah, that's exactly what I think (although the spiced rum I'm drinking Christmas Eve may have something to do with my frame of mind).

So if you're single, Scottish, halfway intelligent, like American women (i.e. ME), by all means leave me a comment or better yet, email me. I'm also not opposed to referrals, so if you know someone, send me his info.

Happy holidays to you all!

I forgot to add that if Gerard Butler reads this, I am MOST definitely interested.