Sunday, February 10, 2013

Brilliant Book Covers Lead to Odd Musings...

Ever have one of those conversations that you later look back on and can’t decide if it was either brilliant on both sides, or just plain weird? A while back, I had numerous talks with someone and it was exactly like that. I saw the picture of a book cover that reminded me of it today. It’s just brilliant, in my humble opinion.  

“So, you've read 50 Shades of Grey, now its time to inject a bit of colour and have the time of your life.... read the tongue in cheek adventures of the hapless libido.” 
and pick up a copy of his new book 

You may wonder what kind of bizarre discussion I could have been having after seeing that! Well, the truth is, it was a very odd third person conversation. I referred to three separate entities as though they were actual people. There was The Brain, The Heart and of course, The Libido.

Now, as you can imagine, The Brain was the only reasonable opinion in these conversations and was constantly at odds with ANYTHING The Heart had to add. The Libido was pretty much willing to side with either of them, as long as she thought it would somehow benefit her.

In the end, The Brain won any and all discussions. The Libido pouted but was more than willing to patiently await her next bath or shower (don’t ask). The Heart, well, that poor girl; what can I say? If you’re very quiet late at night, you can hear the slap and scrape of more bricks being added to her already impenetrable wall. She got all worked up over nothing. The really sad part is she almost won all those arguments with The Brain. I suppose it’s a good thing she didn't  A girl can only take so many beatings before she’s not only broken, but ceases to exist.

So as long as there’s a tidy little wall to protect her, there’s still hope that one day, Prince Charming will scale the walls and rescue her from her solitary existence. Corny, huh?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Warning: Wallowing to Follow...

Sometimes the weight of the world seems to be pressing a bit too hard on my shoulders. When that happens, I withdraw into myself. I become anti-social (far more so than normal) and I retreat from everyone, often using music to wallow in sadness.

I admit to being co-dependent at times. It’s not a trait I like, but I’ll own it. When this melancholy mood hits, I actually miss having someone to be co-dependent with (not enough to actually do anything about being alone, just enough to darken my mood a tad bit more).

I've been in one of those moods lately. They are unhealthy and often self-destructive. I push away people I shouldn't  and long for unhealthy relationships I've ended. I watch stupid sub-titled movies, don’t eat and can’t sleep.

It seems I’m a tad whiny as well (sorry for stating the obvious). I think this particular lapse is caused by multiple things. The first was my birthday. How I hate them. Next we have the terrifying life change I’m currently in the middle of implementing. Quitting a full-time job to go back to school is scary on so many levels. Then we have Valentine’s Day….society’s way of celebrating couples (I am currently not one half of a couple equation) and a commercialized holiday I usually dread (second only to my birthday). Which brings me to the loss of my dearest friend; I can’t seem to come to grips with that. Factor in my kids seem to be growing up and needing me less and less and I realize I’m lonely. And sad.

Oh yeah, I’m a big fat whiner all right. I really don’t like myself when I get this way.  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dead though you may be, forgotten NEVER...

Over the years, friends come and go. You have those who you can go ages without talking to, and a phone call wipes away the months or even years, almost instantly.

There are people that come into our lives that we find an immediate connection with. Sometimes those friendships “stick”, often, they don’t.

On the rare occasion, we find a friend who we open ourselves up to. It’s never an immediate thing. Often over years, but at some point, we realize they are the only person in our life we can tell everything to. All of our deep dark secrets; they won’t judge, because they've done the same.

Something happened today and I realized I had no one I was willing to tell. It saddened me. I've always thought of myself as an open book. I hide very little. I was very wrong about that. I have the outer me, that is most definitely an open book, then I have the inner me. The one I've really only ever showed one person. Now that person is forever gone. So I find the inner me angry and mourning that loss, once again.

So what do I do? I write. Do I write about what I am still unwilling to share with anyone? Of course not. I write to help me understand and to grieve the loss of an irreplaceable person and friend. Dead though you may be, forgotten NEVER...