Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Goals

I know the start of the New Year is the time to make all those resolutions that most people never keep. I don’t think I've ever actually made any, mostly because I’m of the aforementioned opinion…they’re made and not kept. This year, however, I’m going to do it, but I shall, instead, refer to this as my list of “2013 Goals”. So here goes…

2013 Goals

o    Finally get my passport. Mostly because I’m not getting any younger and I really do want to travel to the UK (Scotland, of course)
o    Spend far less time on the computer and more time on myself (I’m hinting at exercise…)
o  Keep my house clean (if you know me, you know how much I HATE housework, and, although it’s clean now, it wouldn't take much to get lazy and it be a mess again)
o    Get accepted into a Respiratory Therapy program (I've put off going back to school too long)
o   Stop smoking in 2013 (I’m so not putting a date on this…but I know I should, and I’m going to this year)
o  I must learn to live without certain people, mostly because I have to understand that I can’t put so much importance on certain relationships when the other person is incapable of doing the same. I’m far better than that and it’s time I started acting like it (This one is gonna hurt)
o   Start writing again…not just on my blog, but seriously. I’d like to have a completed MS by the end of 2013, ready to submit to agents (This is the scariest goal for me, not even sure why?)

So there are my goals. None seem too far out of reach, and hopefully actually writing them out and putting them in my blog, I can make myself a tad bit more accountable! Let’s see just how great 2013 turns out to be!!!

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