Sunday, January 6, 2013

Categorizing Relationships

After having an in-depth conversation with a friend today, I thought our discussion would make an interesting blog post (well, interesting to me, anyway). I admitted to categorizing my relationships with men. Here’s the break down in my world:

Has potential
Tolerated But Not Exiled (yet)

Has Potential:
This category is usually reserved for men whom I just met, although most men I meet go straight to the “Tolerated But Not Exiled (yet)” category. Starting out in this category is rather simple. Remaining in it is not. Intelligence is a BIG factor. Carrying on a conversation (two-sided) seems to be rare these days. I’ll admit to becoming bored far too easily. Keep me involved in a conversation using wit and humor is a sure way to remain in this category longer than most. If the only thing you can seem to discuss is sex, you won’t last (ask my last serious boyfriend about THIS one…yes, I mean you Andrew). 
Usually the only exit you can take from this is down. Either “Tolerated But Not Exiled (yet)” or straight to “Exiled “ depending on what you do to remove yourself from the "Friendzone". I love my guy friends. I get along better with men than women most of the time. Now, I will admit to a few rare gray areas in this category. The men in those gray areas are more than aware they are exceptions. If a man in the “Friendzone” wonders if he falls into the gray area, probably NOT. I can only think of about three men total that fall into this area. Maybe four. Maybe. 
Tolerated But Not Exiled (yet):
Some men are a tad thick in the skull. When I’m actually super bitchy to you on a regular basis, odds are, I don’t really like you. I’m not playing some flirtatious game. If I like you, you’ll know it. I’m rather straight forward and honest. Don’t like games. Hate them in fact. Once in this category, it’s usually only a matter of time before you end up “Exiled”. This works on Facebook, but it’s a tad harder in real life (like when it comes to a job setting), but trust me, it can be done.
At this point, you have no use to me. I could care less one way or another. If we do speak, it’s very formal and rare (think ex-husbands). Much like being “Friendzoned”, it’s rare to leave this category, although I do have a few who have, but they fall into the gray area of “Friendzoned”, so not good examples.

So there you have it. I wonder how my categories would differ from a man’s? If anyone cares to compare, be sure you comment or message me. If you blog about it, let me know and I’ll link it here. I love seeing the way other people think!


Mark McIntyre said...

My categories are more basic...

1. They are a dick
2. They are not a dick

I think this keeps things simple

hmmm but on thinking, this can go further, i might get a bit hard to grasp though, so here it comes;

If they are not a dick then they are subdivided a little further

1. Would I
2. Wouldn't I

On the premise that I 'would not' then they are still not necessarily a dick, invariably I 'would not' if they had a dick (Just to wrap that up) ... In the likelihood that 'I would' and they don't have a dick (this is the ideal) but they become a dick then they have made that rod for themselves...

I think that's clear enough :D

TerriRainer said...

Men simplify. :)