Saturday, January 5, 2013

Don't Ask If You Don't Want To Know!

Truth…some say it can set you free. But does it really? I’m an overly honest person, it’s not that I don’t ever screw up, I do, I just tend to own my screw ups. I also give my opinions freely, which some people don’t always appreciate. Go figure. 
So, when asked a question, I will always give you an honest answer. I figure if you can’t handle the truth, you wouldn't ask. So why is it that we ask certain questions that may have answers we don’t necessarily want to hear? Curiosity? Insecurity? Stupidity?

Whatever the reason, if you ask it, suck it up and don’t blame the person who answered the question honestly. Not their fault you’re an idiot.
 Case in point, I asked someone a question, not really expecting the answer I got. Twice. Both times it felt as though I had been kicked in the chest by a Clydesdale. Both times I got answers I not only didn't expect, I really regretted hearing.

I think in the past, I would have pouted and been all butt-hurt. Now, I realize the fault was mine and mine alone. Honesty should never be punished. I respect that fact. It doesn't change the pain that honesty caused.

I think I've grown substantially (obviously I still have a lot to learn) in the last few years. I can look back and clearly see why I've done things the way I did. I don’t have any regrets. Not a one. Everything happened the way it was supposed to. Living life can often be a messy business. But at least I’m living, not just existing any more. I spent too much of my adult life doing just that. 
So you take the good with the bad. Feelings make you know you’re alive; whether it’s love, hate, anger, hurt or forgiveness. I can also say without any reservation, one person’s honesty has no bearing on how I may or may not feel. I feel because I do…not because I’m influenced by anyone or anything. Some days I wish it wasn't that way, but I've learned to accept and even embrace the fact that I'm a very emotion-based creature. And I’m okay with that. It’s better than being emotionally dead inside. That’s no way to live.

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