Saturday, April 19, 2008

April 19th...A Day to Remember

April 19th, 1995

Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

168 People lost their lives, over 800 were injured, and thousands more lost their children, spouses, parents, brothers, sisters, or friends.

No one who lived here at the time was untouched by this tragedy. Most can tell you where they were when they heard the blast. The following weeks are a mere blur to some who want to forget all the images that were on our TV's 24/7 (yes, they broadcast from the actual site on local stations for days and days), but some will never be able to forget.

I know firefighter's that still can't talk about what they saw, even some of the emergency workers could no longer live with those images and took their own lives years later.

This is a day to remember not only those who were lost, 19 of which were children, but to remember those who were affected by this horrible deed.

I refuse to remember any responsible for this tragedy, I feel they don't deserve it, instead I will remember those who suffered losses, and there were many, those lost, and those who will never forget that tragic day that Oklahoma's innocence was stripped away in mere seconds.


Skeeter said...

Our state is too small in this regard. Everyone here felt the effect of this terrible thing, either directly at the scene or indirectly through the ties that bind us all together. You're brave to post about it. I can't. After we were married, my wife got her permission to stay in this country across the street from that building. My son went to the YMCA daycare a block over and back from the Murrah building. Even though I ask to "Forgive us our trepasses as we forgive those who trespass against us", I think I better keep on asking because it may a long time coming before those two halves are equal.

Merrymags said...


Although I live in LA, I remember where I was and what I was doing when this horror hit the news channels -- this event, this disaster, was as appalling as what happened years later on 9/11. Sometimes I actually think it was worse because "one of our own" did it. How does one ever sink to such a level of hatred and loathing and possibly, remotely consider actually acting out on such an idea? I'm with Skeeter -- I pray a lot, asking for grace, forgiveness, and tolerance. I don't know if even the Good Lord has the strength to guide me towards forgiveness for this horrible sin.


Ron Simpson said...

I lost a high school friend, Scott Williams (OKC PD) that day. My ex girlfriend's two cousins worked at the daycare, plus their kids were there that day. Her family was hit hard.
As vile as this attack was, I choose to remember how we as a city, state and nation came together that day and every day after it. That community is why I do not want to leave Oklahoma.

landgirl said...

I remember. All the way in Indiana we hurt, too.

The Father of Five said...

I was working that morning... I was 2/3 way complete with my training phase (as a 911 / Police / Fire dispatcher), and I remember that morning... We used this tragedy to train and prepare for what we could face some day... (I work for the City that contains the Mall of America...)

We (my trainer and I) spent the morning sending updates out to our patrol cars via their squad computers...

Our thoughts went out for the victims, the children, the police, the firefighters.. and for the Dispatchers...