Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Queried My First Agent!!!!

I feel a sense of relief...not the impending doom that I thought would loom over me when I sent out my very first query to an agent. After researching agents/agencies for months and months, I found one that I got a really good feeling from, so I just decided, what the heck...what's the worst that can happen? So I did it! I really sent it in!!!

That being said, now I must finish up that final spit and shine on The Crichton Heir. Revisions went no where for so long, and now I have been soooo motivated! I think it may be the cold meds I've been on...they make me HYPER!

I don't want to get my hopes up, but I can't help it. I think it must be the naive amateur in me that thinks I'll be one of the few writer's that actually don't get rejected three or four hundred times!

Below is the query letter that I sent, minus my personal info, of course, and minus the agents name.

Dear Ms. ******,

After months of researching agents (procrastinating), I decided that you sounded like someone that I could actually relate to on a personal level. From what I've read, you must have a great sense of humor, love a good cry, and actually admit to watching reality TV. It would therefore make sense that I would love to have you for an agent.

That being said, I would now like to tell you about the possible Pulitzer Prize winning novel I have just written. Okay, so I'm exaggerating just a bit...what I do have is The Crichton Heir, a very good Historical Romance that is approximately 95,000 words. It will be the first in a series, Crescent Cove, that is set in Scotland, 1790's.

The Crichton Heir keeps you guessing from the prologue to the end of the book as to who the Crichton Heir actually is. You have a strong, although rather naive, Lady Margaret Sinclair, who seems to always have her foot in her mouth. It only gets worse when the mysterious but handsome Sir Patrick Graham shows up unexpectedly at Crescent Cove, per her father's request. Sparks fly, and Margaret wants to pursue these new feelings, while Patrick knows that he should avoid the Laird's beguiling daughter who has his body reacting with a mind of it's own!

Margaret's world is turned upside down with the sudden death of her beloved father and she must agree to marry the Laird of Crichton Castle, Alexander Crichton, to save those around her from his threats. He is a deviant man who may have more than one death on his hands already. While Patrick struggles to save Margaret from a man he despises, he must learn to trust not only Margaret, but those that she would protect from Crichton; Josephine, her companion, who isn't what she seems, Frederick Kerr, the man that Margaret has always loved, and her own mother, Victoria Sinclair, who has her own secrets that may save all of them in the end.

I would love to share my work with you, and look forward to your response. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a wonderful working relationship!

Terri Rainer

Now I get to play the waiting game...I will keep busy writing in the mean time!

:) Terri


landgirl said...

I hope you get a good response from your agent. My second wish is that, if not a positve one, then at least a kind one. It is so scary to put yourself on the line. I admire your courage and your ability to put 95,000 words together.

TerriRainer said...


I'm not sure which was harder...writing the book, or finally sending out a query letter!

I actually just feel relieved at this point to be moving forward, rejection or not.

:) Terri

Merrymags said...

Good luck, Terri. What a brave lass and what a mighty step forward! My fingers are crossed, prayers are being said and a candle is lit, all in the fervent hope you succeed.


Mary Duncan said...

You've graduated! Congratulations, Terri! All the best, but just keep sending them out. Flood the market and take each with a grain of salt. Take it from me, you can't get discouraged.

By the way, I'm getting Sightless published through my old publisher and it should be out late this summer. I had it professionally edited and it's great!

Keep going! Don't stop now!


Skeeter said...

Very nice query letter dear. You've got a great story on your hands! I wanna see this sucker in print!

TerriRainer said...

Thanks Don!

Now where's Glitterwater????

:) Terri

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Don't know where the heck I've been all this time, Terri. My feed to your site must be broken; thank God you're not posting every day, or I'd really feel like crap! I would like to know what the response to this letter was. Also, have you been writing like crazy ever since? I think it's time you wrote a little update for your fans! :)

TerriRainer said...

No response YET. Not sure if no news is good news or not! When I hear something either way, you can be sure I will blog about it....and yes, revisions went QUICKLY with that kind of motivation!

:) Terri

Corinne said...

Soumds like a great read! I would totally vuy it!