Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...Who wants a baby?

I have spent the entire day RELAXING! Sometimes you must follow your own advice and take some time out for yourself. I am almost back to my overly chipper self...almost.

I have now been over-run by baby kittens. My daughter's cat, Amelia, has a very low moral compass. Needless to say, she has another litter of kittens that now need a home...ASAP.

I placed an ad at today. It takes a business day for it to be viewed, so I am hoping that by tomorrow, it is there and I get LOTS of calls (anybody interested locally, by all means email me!). I will have to put a link to it when it is posted, but for now, here is how it reads:

It's another sad story of neglect and abandonment. Our Daddy left our Mommy to take care of us all alone. There are six of us, and that's just too many for her to take care of!

We are looking for new families to love and protect us from the hard cruel world we were born into. We are all very playful and we think that we are cute too!

We don't want to be a burden to our Mommy, she has rather loose morals and likes to spend many nights out with her friends. We can't really blame her, we have sharp claws and teeth, and frankly, she has started to avoid us, seeing as how needy we act when she is around!

We eat solid food, drink our water, and although we like to play in our litter box, we are learning what it's really for!

If you would like pictures of any of us individually, please email the nice lady who feeds us, and she promises to send them. Four of us are black, and two of us are striped tabbies.

Won't you give one of us a nice warm bed and food in our bellies? We'll love you forever if you do!

Signed,The Baby Kitties

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poetic scotland said...

A delightful post and beautifully enhanced by the photo...

May the kittens find the love of a new home and may Mother find her moral compass - soon!!!