Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I will be published in May!

It's hard for me to get overly excited about being published. First, it's not my novel, just a short story that took almost no effort, and secondly, it's in a new magazine that will see limited distribution.

That being said, I am excited that I can remove the "Pre" from my blog, and actually call myself a "Published Author"...It will be nice to have SOMETHING in a portfolio, to show that someone other than my mother feels that I am worthy of print. I seriously doubt that any agent will accept a note from my mommy telling him/her that I can write!

I have signed the contract, provided the magazine publisher with my information, and now I have to come up with a title to the story. Since I wrote it with multiple short stories in mind, I was thinking along the lines of this:

*Gede, Guardian of the Veil - Georgia's Story
*Gede, Keeper of the Veil - Georgia's Story
*Guardian of the Veil, Gerard's Quest (I think I like this one the best so far)

Now I must get back to the novel, as I have sorely neglected my revisions.



Mary Duncan said...

OMG!!!!! Congratulations, Terri!! And I definitely love the last of the three sugestions for a title best, as well. You go!


Skeeter said...

This is so very cool! You must come the Group and boast. Congrats!!!