Sunday, April 13, 2008

I have lost my mind!

(Tessa,her eyes don't ALWAYS look like that, pooping puppy Cookie, and Tory)

(Tiffany before the dance)


Okay, I must say that I have been blogging way too much, mostly commenting on everybody else's blogs, looking at new ones, and basically wasting time, when I could be working on my book. I think it's just the nosey, busy-body in me that won't let me stay away from other's blogs. It's sometimes like looking in the window of somebody else's house, seeing what goes on with other people; voyeurism, without the taboo, or threat of arrest.

That being said, I decided I would give anyone who cares a peek into my own window (don't worry, I'm fully dressed at all times!).

The last week, plus a few days, has been hectic to say the least. Here's a timeline of events:

Friday, April 4-
*Had a birthday party for my youngest, now 6.

*Up early, cleaned, shopped and decorated all day.

Saturday, April 5-
*AM - Up at the crack of dawn, taking my oldest to High School Pom Pon (why the heck the second one ends with an "N", I have no idea, but it does) try-outs, which took all morning, and she made the squad.

*PM - Took three girl's (Oldest, Tiffany,her BFF, and my niece, Alisa) to the spring formal, amongst giggles and assurances that my daughter would win Queen (she was on the court). She didn't, and like most girl's their age, talked of the mother counting the votes, and miraculously, her daughter won. I had to do the right thing and assure them that could not have possibly been the case, and tell my daughter not to repeat that, as it would make her look like a sore loser.

Sunday, April 6-

*Youngest breaks out in a rash, that spreads to cover her whole body.

Monday, April 7-

*Take Youngest (Tory, I suppose she does have a name), to the Dr where I must argue with him about the fact that she has Fifth's Disease, and NOT the hives. I won, after he consulted his medical book. She's my 4th...I've been through most childhood illnesses more than once at this point.

*Pick up Tiffany from Pom meeting after school

Tuesday, April 8-

*Cleaned my house like a maniac, after spending the day at the Dr before. Vacuumed, shampooed carpet, did mountains of laundry all day, and far into the night.

*Pom parents meeting that evening also.

Wednesday, April 9-

*Got up early, started laundry again, got kids off (Tory still home from school), and received a call around noon from the school, second to youngest, Tessa, had a tummy ache. She came home.

*Picked up Tiffany from Pom practice after school.

Thursday, April 10 -

*Wake up to husband coming home from work early at 7:15 AM, to inform me that he had thrown up on his side of the bed, the side that I had put Tory on earlier that AM. He had gone to work, but thrown up again, so he came home.

*Called Dr, got Tessa in for her tummy has been on-going, not the flu. She had blood drawn, x-rays, and had to pee in a cup (at 7, she cried about that, but was thrilled about seeing her blood...she's an odd duck).

*Picked up Tiffany after Pom practice.

Friday, April 11-

*Tessa and Tory both home from school, MUST clean house again, and still doing laundry...EXAUSTED!

*Tiffany spends the night at my sister's with her cousin, Alisa.

*Son, Tommy, decides to rearrange his room. He has HEAVY wood furniture, including a bunk bed. We stay up till after 1 am working on that.

Saturday, April 12-

*OMG exhausted! Cramps, bloating, back ache...SHIT! I hate that time of the month, no wonder I'm cranky at this point!

*Have to pick up Tiffany from sister's house, Tessa and Tory have become the spawn's of Satan, due to their confinement...Calgon, take me away!

*Husband wants to go to dinner...OH hell no! I'm too tired, so he went and took his mother, who has been staying with us for going on two months, due to leg sores. She wouldn't stay off her feet, and ended up in wound care (she's diabetic, among other things), so we brought her here so we could TRY and keep her off her feet.

Now, keep in mind, I have to feed 4, sometimes 5 kids, when my stepdaughter Emily (she's 13) is here (every day after school and every other weekend), a husband, MIL, and myself. Do all the laundry (OMG there are mountains of that). I clean every day, Tory has a new poodle puppy she got for her birthday, that craps ALL the time, and she's a tiny thing. I have a poodle that has separation anxiety when she's not on your lap, and I have a 95,000 word manuscript that is crying for revisions that I can't seem to get to. I actually read at least 3-4 books a week, trying to keep myself in the mind-set of a writer, and it's no wonder I am freakin tired!

I'm sure I have left out a whole bunch, but you should get the idea.


Marisa said...

Damn, Terri. Calgon be damned! I prescribe a bottle of vodka, two valium, chocolate donuts and a pair of good sweat pants. Those are the keys to relaxation. And if you're not zonked out after the vodka and valium, curl up with a book.

poetic scotland said...

Fatiqiued - at just reading your hectic status!!!

Allow your mind - the freedom it seeks - escape to another world within writing and of reading - for you will find enjoyment - albeit briefly - from the family who awaits!!!

Ron Simpson said...

I know the feeling. While my wife works full time, is in nusing school with weekly clinicals and has a nursing inernship, I get to be...well, a single dad. I do all the cooking and cleaing, laundry, taking care of the kids and all the yard work....then there is fixing stuff that breaks and shopping for the groceries and everything else.
It is amazing I have time to write. But I just finished chapter one. 2112 words in the can. I look at it and I am happy with the dialogue, but I need to include a lot more about the setting. That has always been my biggest issue I need to overcome.

TerriRainer said...

Bring on the booze!
:) Terri

Poetic Scotland,
As always, far more eloquent than I ever am!
:) Terri

My problem was just the opposite...not ENOUGH dialog, too much about the descriptions!

Good job on that first chapter! We need to find out when the writer's meeting start back up...that is fun, wish I had gone more than I did.

Maybe we can start our own and tell them all to show up! LOL

Keep it up, and if you need a critique partner...let me know!

:) Terri

Ron Simpson said...

I am thinking of starting up my own writers meeting. With a select few people.